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In 1971, two newcomers from Iceland, Margret Geppert and Asthildur Gisladottir Mixa, went through the Calgary telephone book to find people of Icelandic origin.  As a result, some 50 people met at the University of Calgary to discuss their heritage and float the idea of forming themselves into a Club.  Dr. Clive Cardinal of the University greatly facilitated the early planning by making meeting space available on campus.  The first Executive consisted of Sigurjon (Sam) Austman (President), Art Einarson (Vice-President), Margret Geppert (Secretary) and Eugene Sigfusson (Treasurer).  Ultimately the Leif Eiriksson Icelandic Club was formally registered with the Government of Alberta on May 3, 1973.  In 2013 we celebrated our 40th Anniversary with displays and a special dinner.

The Leif Eiriksson Club regards the Scandinavian Centre Co-op as its “home base”.  Plans to purchase such a building began in 1972 when the first shares were offered, and the grand opening of the Centre at 739 – 20th Avenue N.W., Calgary took place on May 25, 1974.  The Club has played an active role in the Centre over the years, participating in ethnic dinners, arts and crafts events and the high profile “Variety of Nations”, the annual city-wide celebrations spearheaded by Variety Clubs International in aid of childrens’ charities.  Ambitious renovations at the Scan Centre were supported by the Club making our home a joyful meeting place.

The objectives of the society are many; they include:

  • -       To promote social and cultural activities for persons of Icelandic origin and interested friends;
  • -       To work in harmony with the Icelandic National League of North America and its successors.
  • -       To support and work with the Calgary Scandinavian Centre.
  • -       To promote and encourage Icelandic Culture by facilitating lectures, developing a library of letters, documents, books including the translation into English.
  • -       To work to conserve artifacts, monuments and museums of Icelandic history.
  • -       To provide support and funding Icelandic activities, organizations and publications as needed.
  • -       To provide and to encourage the teaching of the Icelandic language to interested parties.

We welcome you to join the Leif Eiriksson Icelandic Club of Calgary          

            Phone            (403) 284-2610,  FAX (403) 284-2675

           Address:Calgary Scandinavian Centre   

739 20th Avenue N.W.,

Calgary, Alberta,T2M 1E2





Margret Grisdale, Calgary AB

The Leif Eiriksson Icelandic Club of Calgary held their Annual General Meeting on Sunday, January 25,

2015 at the Scandinavian Cultural Centre.  The evening began with a delicious pot luck dinner with the

club providing the baked ham and members bringing various pot luck dishes.  There were 35 registered

members attending which formed the quorum necessary for voting.  Following the dinner, acting

president Christine Mueller presided over the meeting.  After the Executive reports were given,

Honourary memberships were awarded to Kelly Flemming and Rona Swainson.  Dr. Victor Laxdal and

Margret Grisdale conducted the election of new officers – this year the members elected a new

president, vice president, treasurer and membership recorder.  Harmonica Tableau entertained

following the meeting.  This is a group of fourteen members including harmonicas, guitars, mandolin

and drums.  Singing along with this group to many old favourite songs made an enjoyable ending to the


The new Executive for the Leif Eiriksson Icelandic Club of Calgary for 2015 is as follows:

President Christine Mueller

Vice President Marianne Sigvaldason

Treasurer Jennifer Lloyd

Secretary Cynthia Pickering

Membership Recorder Kelsey Shouldice

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