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National Organizations

Icelandic National League of North America 

Icelandic National League of Iceland, ÞFI 

INLNA Organizations

Government: information, visas, embassies

Alþingi - Icelandic Parliament 

Consulate General of Iceland - Winnipeg

Embassy of Iceland - Ottawa

Embassy of Iceland - Washington 

Government of Canada

Icelandic Ministry of Foreign Affairs 

Trade Council of Iceland 

USA Bureau of Consular Affairs


Alvörbúðin - Embroidery Kits Arbæjarsafn Rekjavík Open Air Museum

Arctic Car Rental in Iceland

Árni Magnússon Institute for Icelandic Studies

Biking viking Motorcycle rentals

Digital Dialects - Games for learning Icelandic

Emigration from Iceland to North America

Emigration - Íslandssöjuvefurinn - RUV

Glaumbaer Folk Museum

Gisting/Guesthouse BB 44 (Kópavogur)


Guide to Iceland

Heart of Iceland

Hofsós - Icelandic Emigration Center

Húsið á Eyrabakka

Iceland on the Web

Icelanders' Personal Webpages

Iceland Phone Directory

Iceland Review Online

Icelandic Roots: Genealogy, Heritage & Travel

Icelandica online store

Icelandic Cinema Online

Icelandic Trade Directory- Firmaskrá Íslands

Icelandic Export

Icelandic Farm Holidays

Icelandic Geographic Magazine

Icelandic Horse Breeder

Icelandic Meteorological Office

Icelandic National Costume

Icelandic Online Dictionary

Icelandic Saga Database

Icelandic stamps/post office

Icelandic Tourist Information

Jo´s Icelandic Recipes

Keflavik International Airport

Luminous Landscapes

Mál og Menning Bookstore

Mats Icelandic Image Library

National Museum of Iceland

Nordic Saga Tours

Nordic Store

Randburg Car Rentals

RAS Car Rentals

Reykjavík Information

RUV Icelandic National Broadcast Service

Saga Trails of Iceland

Snorri Program

South Iceland

University of Iceland

Virtually Virtual Iceland

What´s On In Iceland

Yule in Iceland


Icelandic Roots; Genealogy, Heritage and Travel
Nelson Gerrard, Saga Publications and Research
Genealogy: B.C. Archives 
Genealogy: Canadian Archives
Genealogy: Canadian Genealogy & History
Genealogy: Cdn. Dept. of Veterans Affairs

Genealogy: Commonwealth Graves Comm.
Genealogy: Cousins Across the Ocean
Genealogy: Family Search (LDS)
Genealogy: FamilyTreeMaker.com
Genealogy: FamilyTreeSearcher.com
Genealogy: Genealogy Toolbox
Genealogy: Hofsós
Genealogy: Húsið á Eyrarbakka
Genealogy: Icelandic Church Records 
Genealogy: Icelandic Emigration To America
Genealogy: Icelandic Genweb
Genealogy: Iceland Genealogy Forum
Genealogy: Kinmount Settlement & Ship List
Genealogy: Manitoba Genealogical Society
Genealogy: National Archives of Iceland
Genealogy: North Dakota
Genealogy: Online Genealogy
Genealogy: Royal Genealogic Data Directory
Genealogy: Search-Advice
Genealogy: UK birth, marriage, death certificates

Some great Icelandic language web sites and learning tools.

Æfum Íslensku - Icelandic as second language


Children's word games

Fun word games for kids


Islenskuskólinn - Educational material for Icelandic kids living abroad

Dagur íslenskrar tungu - great page for Icelandic grammar, poetry and much more

Icelandic folk tales and fairytales

Icelandic Sagas 

Free Icelandic online


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