Anderson, Kristjan F.    1866 - 1949                Iceland/Peace River,AB         

 Law: From a run-away to a RCMP Inspector, a grandson tells the story of a renowned lawman of the Western Territories.

Asmundson Vigfus S.  1895 – 1974              Tantallon, SK, Davis, CA

Science: An internationally famous expert in the field of poultry and avian science.  His research enabled the development of the global turkey industry, which today exceeds $6 billion in value to poultry farmers. A building at the University of California at Davis is named after him.

Bardal, Neil O.           1940 - 2010                                          Winnipeg, MB

Cultural: In 2003, Neil was the first recipient of the INLofNA Laurence Johnson Lifetime Achievement Award for outstanding service to one or more North American Icelandic organizations and significant involvement in local community affairs.

Beck, Margaret Jacobina Einarsdóttir Brandson

     1898- 1985        Victoria, BC                             

Literature: Margaret, an original Victoria girl, returned to her childhood home with her husband Richard in 1967.   The Beck Trust, which they created, came into existence on her death and since 1988 it has underwritten to the prominence of Icelandic culture within the community and University of Victoria.

Beck, Dr. Richard,    1897 - 1980             Iceland, Grand Forks, ND, Victoria, BC

Literature: Dr. Beck, a pre-eminent Icelandic scholars, whose many works focus on Icelandic literature and interests in Icelandic settlement, created the Beck Trust, along with wife Margaret, which since 1988, has underwritten to the prominence of Icelandic culture within the community and University of Victoria.

Benediktson, Stephan Vilberg        June 22, 1933            Markerville/Calgary, AB

Engineer/Business: In his adult years, this Alberta farm boy completed his high school education, earned an Engineering degree, and became a successful, international oil and businessman. Now, in his senior years, he is an active patron of the arts and book publisher, and has enjoyed playing competitive polo.

Bjarnason Jon,       1845 – 1914                 Iceland/Winnipeg, MB

Humanitarian: Name sake for the Jón Bjarnason Academy, this Lutheran minister, educator, community leader was one of the mostinfluential leaders among the early Icelandic immigrants. Although controversial, he was respected even if they disagreed.

Bjornson, Kristjan Valdimar "Val”  1906 - 1987         Minnesota/ Iceland

Statesman:   A great orator and writer, Val Bjornson began as a newspaper editor and went on to play a key role in the establishment of the military base in Iceland and then became State Treasurer in Minnesota. 

Carter Kate B.  1892 - 1976                                                Spanish Fork, UT

Humanitarian: historian, student, researcher, genealogist, church worker, executive, and a friend, her leadership and love of history makes her one of the great women of her time.

Einarsson Johannes    1863 - 1950                Grenivik, Iceland/Logberg, SK

Statesman: This man was involved with all the needs of not only his own local area but the larger community and the province.  The Wheat Pool was an important part of the Saskatchewan Economy.

Jónasson,Sigtryggur,  1852 - 1942,                               Iceland, Gimli, MB

Statesman:"Father of New Iceland"

Johnson, Laurence S. G,  1928 - 2001,          Hnausa/Riverton/Selkirk, MB

 Culture: This gentleman, kindly, sensible, honorable and reliable, with a deep devotion to family and community and pride in heritage and culture is in whose memory the Laurence S. G. Johnson Lifetime Achievement Award was established by the INL of NA in 2003. 

Lindal, Jorunn (Hinriksson)  1895 - 1941           Churchbridge, SK/ Winnipeg, MB

Law: A lawyer (1919) whose active role in public affairs, locally and federally “made a magnificent impact on Winnipeg, Manitoba and in the end all of Canada.”

Lindal Judge Walter, 1887-1976                  Saskatchewan/ Winnipeg, MB

Law: An outstanding veteran, lawyer and community worker who’s “highly informative work is of lasting importance for which fellow Icelanders owe a debt of gratitude.”

Sigurdson, Björgvin,     1901- 1982                                Iceland/Banff, AB

Engineer: This is a man of many and varied contributions; radio towers erected on permafrost, Trans Canada through Canada´s National Parks, translating, teaching Icelandic classes and more.

Stefansson, Baldur R.    1917-2002                                Lundar/Winnipeg,MB

Science: ‘The Father of Canola’

Stephansson, Stephan G.     1853 - 1927             Iceland/ Markerville, AB

Literature: The poet of the Rocky Mountains, having very little formal education, "became arguably the most philosophical among Icelandic poets, and his poetry has a great intellectual range."  Much of his work was written at night so called Andvokur, often translated Wakeful Nights which means insomnia.

Stefanson, Stefan & Olla

 1915-2008/1917-2000 Gimli/Winnipeg,MB

Business: A couple very active in Manitoba in agriculture, law enforcement, culture, education, their business facilitated a great improvement in Iceland/North American travel.

Thor Larry, 1916 - 1976                                 Lundar, MB/ Los Angeles, CA

Entertainment: From the Northern Lights of Manitoba, to the bright lights of Hollyword, this enthusiastic man with the magnificent voice moved from broadcasting, to movies, to television, to writing and finally education.

Thorson, Charles  1890 – 1966                               Gimli, MB/ Winnipeg, MB   

Art:  This colorful character who is delightfully described by his granddaughter created many beloved images in the animation world that have been altered but are still well known world-wide.  Read how this all began.

Thorsteinsson, Dr. Raymond,    1921 - 2012                Wynyard, SK/ Calgary, AB

Science: A colleague describes a geological "career spanning 62 years, including 39 field seasons, devoted to the exploration and study of the Arctic Islandsundefineda record of achievement unlikely ever to be duplicated."

 Regional Biographies


Bardal, Arinbjorn Sigurgeirsson  1866 - 1951          Winnipeg, MB



United States, Western

Geslison, Byron T.  1914 - 2001                                     Spanish Fork, UT



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